Why building a relationship with your recruiter is important - now more than ever

Wondering what effect the #covid19 situation will have on your career?

Read the article by one of our consultants Adriana Ljutić Gudelj to find out how #smartgrouphrsolutions can help you prepare for challenges that may lie ahead.


Smart Group HR Solutions LinkedIn article The recruiter as key to your success in challenging times


Recruiters are not always seen as the most endearing personas in the hiring process and candidates often perceive them as obstacles rather than a mediator between them and their dream job. The interviews, questions, assessments and tests involved can be time-consuming and for some even a dreadful process.


However, in these times of uncertainties and with all that is happening in the world, building a relationship with a recruiter may be one of the first and most important steps in securing a solid game plan in case things take a turn professionally. The fact remains recruiters are the ones who act as a buffer between the candidate and the final decision-maker for the job. By buffer, we don’t just mean that all recruiters do is filter applicants as per job brief. A good agency recruiter is there to facilitate you, the candidate, as well; to match your competencies and skills to the best possible job, employer and organization and above all - educate you how to present them properly.


We have yet to see what the aftermath of the current COVID-19 situation will be. Estimates are, we will feel the effects many months to come. It is therefore crucial to prepare for all the imminent changes that lie ahead of us. For many, it will mean they need to prepare for possible layoffs and forced career changes. This is where a recruiter can help - by getting together and building a relationship, you can successfully collaborate to set up an effective career strategy with your recruiter. This way, you’ll be prepared for any professional challenges, well ahead of time.


Building a valuable relationship with a recruiter is about effectively matching value propositions, from both ends. This may prove to be crucial in a time where we need to be anticipatory of change, not merely reactive. When things don’t go as planned in your career, chances are, if you have a good relationship with your recruiter, you are one step ahead and proactively setting yourself up for success in future endeavors.


Are you prepared for what lies ahead?

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Smart Group Recruiter Senior Consultant Adriana Ljutić Gudelj
Senior Consultant