Contingency versus Retained

Contingency versus Retained in Meeting the needs, Process versus Placement and Guaranteed results

Contingency versus Retained
…Meeting the needs


Retained Search Firms
• Conducts assignments on exclusive basis only and in a consultative manner.

• Must know client organization and position responsibility/ requirements thoroughly before beginning the search.

• Relieves the employer of the burden of qualifying candidates, saving valuable company time.


Contingency Search Firms

• Are usually in competition with the client and other similar firms or agencies for the placement.

• Tends to spend less time on initial research and specification; may not even meet with client and deals solely on the telephone.

• Contingency firms generally forward raw resumes to an employer, burdening both the employer and candidate to screen each other.




Contingency versus Retained
…Process versus Placement


Retained Search Firms

• Candidates in database as well as hard-to-find candidates are uncovered.

• Focuses recruiting and evaluation efforts on a broad range of potential candidates, most of whom are not in the active job market. Process and result oriented.

• The search firm is paid to manage the hiring process throughout, and is not in the business of selling candidates to a client, thus maintaining the integrity of the process by carefully screening candidates.

• Exhaustive interviews of candidates, in-person. The better the recruiter understands your “compelling story” the more successful the end result.


Contingency Search Firms

• Contingency recruiters will provide resumes in database as quickly as possible. Candidates outside of database are rarely contacted.

• Time is of the essence without regard to quality because of structured incentives. Focus primarily on applicants/candidates seeking new employment. Placement oriented.

• The contingency firm is paid incentives to be in the business of selling resumes or “bodies” as fast as possible.

• Screening process is brief and generally done by telephone only.



Contingency versus Retained 
…Guaranteed results


Retained Search Firms

• Provides client with thorough documentation, including a written summary of candidate’s strengths, and weaknesses, position and salary history, written references, motivations, and compensation requirements.

• Thoroughly prepares candidates before client interviews with details on the position’s requirements and the client’s environment and history.

• Reputable firms offer a professional guarantee and commitment to detail and ethical practices and results.

• Fees based on salary, time or flat quote plus expenses, average 20-30% of placement’s first year’s compensation.

• More cost and time effective for clients since only the most viable candidates are presented.


Contingency Search Firms

• Provides client with a resume and salary request.

• Sends candidates on interviews without an understanding of the specific job or the company’s requirements or expectations.

• Reputable firms under no obligation to guarantee or produce results due to contingency fee arrangement (paid on placement only).

• Similar fees in the 10-20% range.



Announcement for clients and candidates


Dear clients and candidates,


Amidst the current situation regarding the COVID-19 virus, we want to inform you that in accordance with the recommendations from the authorities, we have taken action in order to minimize physical contact and the potential spreading of the virus. Currently, we are completely working remotely until further notice. This means that all of our meetings, interviews and all other activities are conducted through digital channels.


By doing so, we have taken the responsibility to help prevent the virus spread, and therefore, help minimize the pressure on the healthcare system. It is currently a priority to prevent any potential disease spreading amongst us and our immediate environment.


To all our current and future clients and candidates; we are luckily able to adjust our activities accordingly, and are, as always, putting in maximum effort to offer you the best possible service and experience. Feel free to contact us at any time for all of your inquiries and ongoing business projects.


Please contact us via telephone or email:

T: +385 1 2092 222



Stay safe!


#SG #covid19 #workingremotely #responsibility #stayhome #stayinformed

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